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Oct 9, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to create a new american economy, or one where advertisers work to keep your torn up and upset all the time to convince you the government is the source of all evil and mess up a two-car parade. the choice is believing that we are better off when we work for shared prosperity because too much inequality is a severe con strainlt on economic growth for everybody else. so should we work for shared prosperity or trickled down economics? this is the clear choice. it's a clear choice between president obama and governor romney. between shelly berkeley and her opponent. defeat steven, jon, and their opponents. they're not bad people and i'm new york city not trying to get you -- i'm not trying to get you torn up and upset. i'm telling you the truth. this is what is going to happen. if you really -- if you want north korea come back, quicker, stronger, broader, deeper, more modern, more relevant to the future, if you want to rebuild the 21st century american middle class and just as important give poor people a ladder in to it, you have to make the right choice. [applause] at nevada, look at the cr
Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
cacacacacacaaac >> ceo jamie dimon spoke about the global economy and foreign relations today as part of their ceo speaker series. it is virtually assured that bond markets would project the rest out of congress could not reach a deal cutting the deficit. jpmorgan is being sued at the new york attorney general over allegations that subsidiary bear stearns deceived investors into buying mortgage-backed securities. this is an hour. [inaudible conversations] >> well, good afternoon. i am richard haass and i want to welcome all of you to the council on foreign relations into today's ceo speaker series meeting. this is part of the council on foreign relations corporate programs, which is supposed to increase connections and links between the business community in the foreign policy community, which to some extent are one and the same. i want to thank -- rather welcome not necessarily those of you do, but those around the world participating in this meeting or modern technology. speaking of modern technology, if people take a second to turn off their cell phones and the like, that would be most welcome.
Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
think the obama campaign, the white house were extremely aware that they had a very very ugly economy and incumbents generally don't get reelected with these kinds of economies. so i think they were, to me, they have always come across as hungrier and he more aggressive than the romney campaign in almost every respect. i think they were ready for a fight from the get-go. >> which is what makes the debate so -- the campaign has been hungry. they been aggressive. look at the advertising, really smart advertising. >> who was really running the obama campaign? is a david axelrod or plouffe or obama? who is really running the romney campaign? is the family now intervening and are they running it or who is running the campaign? >> the white house side david plouffe was the campaign manager in no aid and when they were underdogs brought them back and now the senior dicer at the white house, he has pretty well the last word on most things both in the campaign in the white house. the scene of the campaign manager in chicago runs that fast organization date today. on the romney side, romney is
Oct 5, 2012 11:00pm EDT
because he was better on the economy. but i actually think to change the election into an election about leadership, and now is where people voted for barack obama. they voted on his leadership and not who would better manage the economy. if you saw john mccain and not moment, he suspended his campaign. he went to washington insider candidate should come within. went back to the campaign trail, was going to be the debate. there's a lot of lurching going on with john mccain at that point. our candidate number one from the campaign trail. he stayed for a midair. he positioned his leadership of the people, with the neighborhoods. john mccain was the voice echoing from the halls of washington. that was the contrast of favorite our candidate. and then to the last point i want to make, which is mind your ceo makes. when john mccain, for example, said i'm going to -- we should put the debate and focus on the bill. our cannadaycannaday's response was less than come i can run a campaign. i can do the debate. i can do more than this. i've got an organization that can handle a lot. i'll be ready fo
Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. they need a strong military. the military also controls i think between 10%-15% of the economy base. the military gets a good portion of the budget for defense spending. you're going to have a strong military in egypt and it's the strongest institution. when all else fails, look at the military. in libya, the military was torn apart after the loss in the war in 1987. gadhafi dismantled it. you're always going to have that in egypt. what i was surprised was the swiftness with which the military leadership took over power after mubarak fell. collapsed with such swiftness, and when morsi came into power, he just fired every. that was interesting. >> perhaps heart ping. >> yes, that's also true that he moved towards democracy if you're going to have that type of a -- you have the civilian leaders really assert their power so forcefully and early on. >> in pakistan in 2002, the pro-taliban parties controlled two out of four of pakistan's provinces, and in 2008, they got 2% of the vote losing control, and they lost control because they had not delivered. how would you see the fortunes? yo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5